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Diabetes Counselling

dr mahesh padsalge - diabetes counsellor in nerul, kharghar, navi mumbai

Despite all the advances in diabetes treatment, education remains the cornerstone of diabetes management. People with diabetes, unlike those with many other medical problems, can't just take pills or insulin in the morning, and then forget about their health the rest of the day. Differences in diet, exercise levels, stress and other factors may all affect blood sugar levels. So more the people with diabetes learn how these factors affect them, better the control they will be able to achieve.

Facilities at Diabecare

  • Increasing awareness about the importance and benefits of Diabetic control is the key objective of our Diabetes Education Program
  • In Diabecare , Diabetes Education and Self Management training is done with a Team which consists of
    • A Physician
    • A Diabetes Educator
    • A Nutritionist
    • A Physiotherapist
  • Each patient will be counseled depending upon their sugar level, Age, Diet habit and work style which gives power to the patient to control their Diabetes rather than Diabetes controlling them.